Funeral Consumers Alliance
Funeral Consumers Alliance

The Funeral Consumers Alliance
of Greater Rochester

The FCAGR is a nonprofit consumer association dedicated to educating the public about funeral practices, and protecting the consumer's right to a simple, low-cost funeral if they wish. Members share the belief that informed planning is key to ensuring a dignified, meaningful yet affordable funeral.

We serve an eight-county area: Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Wayne, and parts of Orleans, Seneca, and Yates counties.

We offer free funeral planning guidance to members and to the general public, and encourage preplanning one's arrangements. We also work to reduce costs for burial, cremation and other final arrangements. Anyone who needs direct financial assistance is referred to the Department of Social Services for help.

The FCAGR makes funeral planning easier, with informational brochures and easy-to-fill-out forms. We believe that a written funeral plan can complement other end-of-life provisions, such as Advance Care Directives, life insurance, and a Will.

Your written plan can help your survivors arrange an affordable funeral. The cost of a typical funeral can easily top $8,000. By planning ahead and making your preferences clear, you can reduce costs for your survivors while easing their stress and pain at a most difficult time.

We are one of more than 50 local affiliates of the national Funeral Consumers Alliance, which monitors funeral industry practices and is a consumer advocate for legal reform. We share our resources with National, and help in their lobbying efforts to protect the rights and wallets of the bereaved.

Membership Benefits

Consider joining the more than 1,800 members of the FCAGR. Membership is open to everyone.

New Member Benefits

New members receive a welcome package that includes:

  • Membership card with space for vital contact information and final wishes
  • Easy funeral planning form to fill out, with instructions for survivors
  • Our most recent newsletter with Funeral Home Price Surveys
  • Information about organ and body donations, cremation, green burial, memorial services, or other brochures, if desired

Continuing Benefits

  • Annual newsletter with informative articles and pricing for area funeral homes
  • An invitation to the annual meeting, which features a speaker or a panel presenting subjects of interest to our members
  • Easily transferable membership to another FCA affiliate, should you move to a different area
  • Peace of mind knowing that you have made it easier for your survivors to make arrangements at the time of your death
  • The satisfaction of supporting a worthy organization committed to funeral consumer education and protection